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Fortnite TRN Rating: What Is This New Rating System?

The Fortnite TRN Rating is an unofficial progression and skill-ranking system that has been developed by Fortnite Tracker. It’s intended to give players another layer to progression that isn’t found within the game itself, and allows users to measure their skill and improvements, while also comparing themselves to others.

Fortnite TRN Rating: What Is the TRN Rating?

The Fortnite TRN Rating is available exclusively to users of Fortnite Tracker. Using data direct from Fortnite, the TRN Rating takes into account wins and losses, the number of kills, and more. Based on this information, a player is issued a TRN Rating between 0 and 5000, with 0 being the worst of the worst and 5000 being the best of the best.

Currently, the Fortnite TRN Rating system is based on average player stats. If a player does better than the average, their score will increase. If they do worse than the average, the score decreases.

What’s cool about the Fortnite TRN Rating, is that it can be applied to all types of players, whether they play for hours every single day, or just the occasional hour each week. This makes it accessible to everyone.

Fortnite TRN Rating: How Do I See My TRN Rating?

Fortnite TRN Rating

To see your own Fortnite TRN Rating, you’ll first have to make sure you’re signed up to the Fortnite Tracker website. Once you’ve done that, you’ll see a TRN Rating of 1200. This is the default rating. Start doing well in matches and it will climb.

In addition to the general Fortnite TRN Rating, players can dive deeper and see more statistics. The number of kills per match, average score per match, and more, are all available through the site.

If you’re a hardcore player, or just an on-and-off user, it might be worth keeping an eye on your Fortnite TRN rating to see how you improve. A bit of extra motivation to do well is never a bad thing!

(via Fortnite Tracker)