God of War How Long is the Play Time

How Long is God of War to Beat?: What’s the Campaign Length, Total Game Length?

Some players will be surprised at how long God of War is to beat. Previous games in the series had an average of 10-12 hours in play time, with it only taking a little more than that for a completionist playthrough. The new God of War, though, is a lot longer and will take a serious timesink to beat it, and your total game length can end up being twice the length of the campaign.

How Long is God of War to Beat?: Campaign Length and Total Game Length?

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God of War is one of those games that might take one person 20 hours of play time to finish and another person 50 or more. How long it takes to beat God of War is really up to how much time you feel like sinking into it.

From our play through and what we’ve seen reported so far, these seem to be the average God of Way play times:

  • Campaign Length: 22.5 Hours
  • Main Story + Some Sidequests/Exploring: 28.5-32 Hours
  • Completionist Game Length: 55-60 Hours

You might notice the disparity between the main story campaign completion time and how long it takes to get everything in God of War. Well, although the main story is the draw here, it’s far from the only content in the game. There are whole realms you can unlock that have nothing to do with the main plot. There are also quite a few lengthy side quests that will take you all over Midgard and beyond to complete.

God of War is a game that’s really easy to get off the beaten path with. Don’t be surprised if there are several times during the story where you set out to explore a little bit and don’t start the next part of the main plot for five hours or so. There’s a ton of nooks and crannies to visit in this game and how much you explore will be the most significant factor in how long God of War is for you.

I’m around 35 hours into God of War, and I’m still finding stuff to do, and there is one realm I have only gotten to the entrance to that I still need to clear. Additionally, there’s at least a bit of Midgard left for me to check out, including a whole subterranean complex that’s part of a quest arc. There’s a ton to do in this game, and the best part is that none of it really felt like filler to me.

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