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God of War 1.12 Update: What Has Been Fixed, List of Changes

Santa Monica Studios just keep on coming with the patches in pursuit of perfection. Today sees the God of War 1.12 update hit consoles and, with it, comes a complete UI change that will (literally) change how many see the game.

God of War 1.12: What Has Been Fixed

The main issue that has been fixed, as you can see from Santa Monica’s tweet below, is that the small text issue that had so many people reaching for their reading glasses, has been fixed somewhat.

Focusing on the map, goals, and general UI of the pause menu, the larger text will stop those – even with 4K sets – complaining about the tiny text size. This has been one of the game’s main complaints since release, so it’s nice to see Santa Monica Studios give a fix for it a quick turnaround, even if some still think the text is a little too small.

God of War 1.12: Other Changes

The patch notes indicate, much like the 1.11 update, general fixes and improvements. Without wanting to speculate too much, this could be anything from buffing out glitches to sorting texture pop-ins. Essentially, Santa Monica has spent the weekend going over the game with a fine-toothed comb and then adding a bit of spit and polish where needed thanks to community feedback.

God of War 1.12: How to Install Update 1.12

To install the God of War 1.12 patch you will need to exit out of the game (if you’re currently playing it) and start it back up again. You will then get a notification that 1.12 is downloading.

Once that God of War 1.12 update has finished downloading – it should only take a few minutes – you’ll need to restart the game and hey, presto, you’re ready to rock and roll to avoid Ragnarok again!

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