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God of War 1.22 Update: What’s New in God of War 1.22 Patch Notes?

God of War 1.22 update patch is out with a few bug fixes that will make playing the game a little less frustrating. This is hot off the last update that marked the introduction of photo mode, and a global increase to text size across the board. Patch 1.22 is the twelfth update God of War has received since the game released on April 20. Contrary to what the version numbering would indicate, God of War‘s initial release was 1.10, with each update only fixing and adding a few things.

God of War Update 1.22: What Does the New Patch Change?

After the 1.20 update brought Photo Mode, the God of War 1.22 patch is relatively minor in comparison. We’re back to “various bug fixes and improvements,” though what those are specifically isn’t listed.

The God of War 1.22 patch notes don’t mention any specific improvements in the game, but some players say they’ve noticed equipment nerfs. Reportedly, Aegis Protection and the Gauntlet of Shattered Dimension are two items in particular that have been affected.

Some players are reported that the God of War 1.21 update allows you to get the final weapon upgrades before you finish the game. We haven’t confirmed this yet, but it would make sense to allow you to get the maxed out versions of your weapons for use in the final legs of the main quest.

The biggest change God of War 1.20 patch brought is photo mode. With photo mode you can freeze the action during the game to get that perfect image.

In God of War Photo Mode you can:

  • Adjust the field of view and focal length of the camera.
  • Adjust depth of field, focus distance, and F-Stop of the aperature.
  • Add a multitude of filters.
  • Add a vignette, borders, and the God of War logo.
  • Toggle Kratos’, Atreus’, and other characters’ visibility and change Kratos’ and Atreus’ facial features.

Additionally, God of War 1.20 update brought an increase to text size throughout the game. This means bigger menu and subtitle text for those of you who had issues with seeing it before.

As for previous patches, like most PS4 updates, the God of War 1.17 patch notes leave a lot to be desired. We have pretty much the same information as we had to go on, and it seems like this patch was just to correct minor bugs. It’s a tiny patch, so it’s likely not much was changed. The notes from Sony Santa Monica only indicated that God of War 1.17 brings “bug fixes and improvements.” This is basically the go-to copy-and-paste description for PS4 patch notes, and don’t really tell us anything. The 1.18 and 1.19 updates didn’t have much info about them either, only citing unspecific bugfixes.

Speculation about God of War patch 1.17 is that it fixes some fringe cases where HDR was bugged for some players. Others are reporting that some minor audio skipping issues were corrected bu the 1.17 update. Whether that’s true, or just the placebo effect, we don’t know for sure.

We had about as much to go on with God of War update 1.13, 1.14, 1.15 and 1.16. In the past we’ve heard reference to an approval process for PS4 updates, but since Sony Santa Monica is a first-party studio it’s likely they aren’t subject to the same checks as third-party studios are. This has led to an almost unprecedented amount of updates for God of War, and I can’t recall another title that’s received such a rapid-fire burst of patches before on the console.

Update 1.12 brought an option to increase text zoom, and patch 1.11 fixed a display scaling bug that was causing black bars instead of a full picture on some players’ TV sets. The only speculation we can make on what update 1.13 brings to God of War is that some players have reported game crashes on PS4 Pro since patch 1.12 came out. This latest version of the game might fix the issues those players were having. Seven patches in a little over a week means that God of War may eventually be the most stable and bugfree game ever created.

Future updates for God of War will include a photo mode that seems like it will work like NVIDIA’s Ansel tech or Uncharted: Lost Legacy‘s photo mode. Fairly soon you should be able to stop the action to take in-game photos from any angle with multiple filters.

According to God of War director Cory Barlog, there are no plans in store for DLC story content in the future, so it’s doubtful any future patches will expand the content of the game. It’s likely development of God of War 5 is in preliminary planning so any future updates will probably just be bug fixes and general maintenance.

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