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Overwatch General Error 0xE0010160: How To Fix General Error 10160

Overwatch season 10 might only just be getting into the swing of things, but that doesn’t mean players haven’t hit a few roadblocks along the way. Chief among them is Overwatch General Error 0xE0010160 otherwise known as General Error 10160. Here’s how to fix this pesky problem, as well as pointing out what causes it so you can avoid it in future.

Overwatch General Error 0xE0010160: What Causes the Problem

If you have recently updated your drivers or OS (particularly those troublesome Windows Updates) you might be encountering the above General Error 0xE0010160.

It’s unknown what exactly causes the error – hence the frustration of many – but it is clearly tied within updating systems that otherwise were previously perfectly compatible with your game of Overwatch.

It is worth nothing that console players will not receive this error. PC Master Race, be damned.

Overwatch General Error 0xE0010160: How to Fix General Error 10160

According to Technical Support on the Overwatch forums, the best way to fix General Error 10160 is to head to your My Documents folder, click Overwatch and open Settings/Settings_v0.

Once you’re in, you’ll need to find a line that reads ‘WindowsMode =’. If the figure after the equals symbol isn’t ‘1’, then change it. If that line isn’t there at all, add ‘WindowsMode = 1’ and restart your game.

If that still doesn’t work, delete the entire Settings folder and reboot the game.

Overwatch General Error 0xE0010160: Other Fixes

There are other catch-all relatively common fixes that can also help you out of this jam. Restoring a previous Windows Update through System Restore may just do the trick, as is making sure all drivers are updated.

You can make sure the (correct) driver has been updated by going to Device Manager, right-hand clicking on your driver(s) and selecting update driver. Occasionally, Windows can set your active driver to something that is out-of-date.