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PUBG Test Server Sensitivity: How to Fix PUBG Vertical Sensitivity

PUBG, as most will know when staring down the barrel of a gun, requires incredibly tight precision. It can be the difference between a chicken dinner and, well, cold leftovers. The most recent PUBG update, though, has left players scrambling to fix their test server sensitivity and vertical sensitivity. Bug? Glitch? Something more? Read on to find out, including a temporary fix.

PUBG Test Server Sensitivity: Vertical and Horizontal Sensitivity

The new update has given players the options to finally set their vertical and horizontal sensitivity separately. But it’s led to some confusing issues, and many experiencing a change in their previous sensitivity settings, especially on test servers on Xbox One.

While vertical sensitivity has always been slightly slower (about 70%) than horizontal sensitivity, the new update has given players with aim acceleration set to 0 a hard time, as the newly-defined 0 is actually far different than the 0 players were previously used to.

PUBG Test Server Sensitivity: How to Fix the Problem

One temporary fix for PUBG sensitivity issues – at least in terms of gamefeel – can come by simply changing Aim Acceleration from 0 to 1 in your settings.

In terms of actual gameplay, simply moving your right stick at a slightly slower pace than before can also balance out the changes. It’s a tough sell, sure, but it may be the best workaround until PUBG gets a proper fix.

PUBG Test Server Sensitivity: What is Aim Acceleration?

The crux of the PUBG sensitivity problem stems from aim acceleration. In essence, it boils down to the longer you hold your right stick in a certain direction, the faster it will go. Flick it, and it’ll act like normal; only holding it down for an extended period has any real effect.

The higher the Aim Acceleration (for context, most players use 0 or 1) the faster you will aim. It’s useful for twitch-style games, and not a whole lot else.

However, with the new update, the settings have been shifted somewhat on test servers, hence the confusion. Aim Acceleration being set to 1 from now on, instead of 0, will more closely replicate the PUBG vanilla experience.