Boneless Fortnite: How to Unlock the New Fortnite Emote, Cost, Expiry Time

Feeling jelly? You will after seeing the new Fortnite emote. Boneless Fortnite, as you can tell by the name, is a little… different. It’s not quite superhero-themed and, yet, it seems to fit with the zany style of Fortnite season 4. Here’s everything you need to know about Boneless Fortnite, the new emote.

Boneless Fortnite: How to Buy The New Fortnite Emote

As ever, you’re going to want to head to the Fortnite Item Shop if you want to buy the Boneless Fortnite emote. From there, you should see the left-hand tile showcasing some of the game’s featured items. Click on Boneless (it should be the right of the two featured tiles) to open up the emote’s very own page, in which you can purchase the emote, should you have enough V-Bucks.

Boneless Fortnite: Where Has The New Emote Gone?

You’re too late, sorry! Lasting from May 5 to May 6, the Boneless Fortnite emote only got a very limited window. Don’t beat yourself up too much, though. While it’s uncertain when exactly the emote will return, it will return.

Nearly every item from all four seasons of Fortnite comes back at some point in the near-future so missing out isn’t the end of the world – even if the map looks like a tad too apocalyptic for my liking at the moment.

Boneless Fortnite: How Much Does it Cost?

The Boneless Fortnite emote is actually one of the cheaper items out there. At only 500 V-Bucks, you can freak your friends out with the jelly-style manoeuvre. That means even the cheapest V-Bucks pack will carry enough virtual coin for you to purchase it.

Boneless Fortnite: Music and Moves

As you can see in the video below, your character will use their limbs to… let’s just say good effect. Accompanied by a bit of dubstep, the Boneless emote will see characters shake their upper body to create a, you guessed it, boneless effect.