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Fortnite Android Beta Invite: How to Join, Is It Legit, Other Info

Update: Epic Games has officially confirmed (via PR) that there have been no invites sent out for a Fortnite Android beta at this time and you SHOULD NOT submit any personal information in reply to any email stating that you’ve been selected for a Fortnite Android beta.

Original Article: The internet has been positively abuzz with speculation over a forthcoming Fortnite Android beta – but is it legit? One of the few platforms where Fortnite hasn’t made its mark, those with Android have been sat waiting and twiddling their thumbs for some time now… and this Fortnite Android beta news won’t exactly reassure them

Fortnite Android Beta: Details

Various YouTubers – I’m not naming names here, but you can look them up – have revealed that they have received invites to Fortnite Android beta. The email, which looks convincing enough, states that users will get their beta codes within 72 hours straight to their Epic Games account.

Fortnite Android Beta: Is It Real?

Probably not. As of yet, we’ve received no (official) word from Epic Games, so everything is just hearsay. However, the introduction of a Fortnite Android beta would have been met with slightly more fanfare than a handful of YouTubers making videos about it for clicks.

Still, it’s not beyond the realms of possibility for the Fortnite Android beta to be legit. We’re closing in on the expected release date of an Android release, and Fortnite season 4 is looking more and more like the perfect time to jump on the battle royale bandwagon for those who haven’t had a slice of the Fortnite pie yet.

For now, stay frosty. No Fortnite Android beta has been announced or confirmed through any official channels – and it’s likely to stay that way for the foreseeable future.

Fortnite Android Beta: When Is It Coming?

If (and this is a big ‘if) these reports are true, we can expect the Fortnite Android beta to hit sometime on May 8, judging by the wording across several of these emails. Like most end of the world hoaxes, we’ll just have to wait and see. At least there’s no comets involved this time.