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PUBG Apple Throwing: How to Throw Apples in PUBG

With the release of the new PUBG Experimental Server update, which makes many big changes to the new Sanhok map experience, also comes a PUBG apple throwing function. That’s right, players can now equip fruit and toss them at other players! Here’s everything you to know about how to throw apples in PUBG.

PUBG Apple Throwing: How to Throw Apples in PUBG

PUBG apple throwing is a new feature that’s just now being implemented into the game. At time of posting, the ability to equip apples and toss them at other players is available exclusively on the PUBG Experimental Server. As with other features in testing, it’s expected that the ability to throw apples will eventually move across to the Test Server and live servers, once deemed to be working properly. For now, if you want to give PUBG apple throwing a go, you’ll need to download the Experimental Server (this will appear in all PUBG owners’ Steam libraries.)

Once players have the PUBG Experimental Server downloaded and it’s been booted up during a testing phase, it’ll then be time to start the PUBG apple throwing experience!

During the pre-match phase, when the game matches people together shortly before the boarding of the plane, players will be able to open their inventories and find apples ready to be tossed. Simply equip them and start throwing!

PUBG Apple Throwing: Why Can Players Throw Apples?

Before it was cut to help with performance, the PUBG pre-match phase used to feature weapons, giving players something to do before the real game began. PUBG Corp. never replaced those weapons with anything else, and so most players remain stationary while waiting for the lobby to fill. Now it looks like users will finally have something fun to do again! PUBG apple throwing might seem like a bizarre idea, but if it means players get to fight each other, without causing strain on the server and affecting performance, then I’m all for it!