Black Panther Xbox One: How to Get the Limited Edition Console, Price

Wakanda forever, am I right? Yet, even T’Challa himself hasn’t got his claws on the simply beautiful Black Panther Xbox One that’s up for grabs. Want for yourself? You’re going to have to be extremely lucky, these are more valuable than Vibranium.

Black Panther Xbox One: Where Can I Get One?

Are you a US or Canadian resident? Then you’re in luck. Sorry, rest of the world, but to be in with a shot of snagging a Black Panther Xbox One then you’re going to have to enter this sweepstakes competition. The competition closes on May 29. Make sure you don’t miss out.

Black Panther Xbox One: How Much Does It Cost?

Here’s the best part: It’s completely free! The Marvel/Microsoft mashup is giving gamers a chance to get the limited edition Black Panther Xbox One without spending a single dime on merchandise or other memorabilia. They’re even throwing in a 4K copy of Black Panther for good measure.

Black Panther Xbox One: How Many Were Made?

These are going to cost a bomb on the black market. Only five of these bad boys were ever produced, making it one of, if not the, rarest Xbox One on planet Earth. Of course, you’re going to keep it and not sell it on eBay at the first opportunity, right? Riiiight?

Black Panther Xbox One: Specs and Design

The Black Panther Xbox One is an Xbox One X with all the bells and whistles that comes with it: 4K gaming, 1TB storage and all the rest of it. So, not only is it a very, very cool piece of kit – it’s as powerful as they come too.

As for the design, the console takes half of each of T’Challa and Eric Killmonger’s faces to create a perfect combination of cool and cunning as the two, quite literally, face off. The consoles also get a Wakandan makeover, using Black Panther and Killmonger’s purple variant suits to craft a ‘skin’. That Black Panther logo could do with being plastered over, though…