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Fortnite Dance in Front of Different Cameras: How to Complete the Week 2 Challenge

The challenges of Fortnite often range from the bonkers to the downright boogielicious. In the case of this season 4, week 2 challenge ‘Dance in front of different cameras’ you’re going to have to shake what your momma gave you and really strut your stuff for the Fortnite cameras.

Fortnite Dance in Front of Different Cameras: What is The Week 2 Challenge?

This Fortnite Week 2 challenge tasks players with finding seven different cameras. From there you’ll have to, you guessed it, dance in front only seven of the different cameras dotted around the map. Note: this challenge does not have to be beaten in a single game. There’s only so much dancing one person can do, after all.

Fortnite Dance in Front of Different Cameras: Camera Locations

Dance in front of cameras Fortnite

As you can see in the map below, there are seven different locations spread across the majority of the Fortnite map. The camera locations are as follows:

Bridge north of Moisty Mire – Use the arrow on the map above to make sure you’re heading down the correct, then you’re going to want to make a turning West onto the bridge. The camera is in the middle of the bridge.

Greasy Grove – By the dinosaur footprint around 30 seconds west of Greasy Grove.

Haunted Hills – The church in this area is home to another camera

Junk Junction – There’s a camera right around Junk Junction, slightly north of the main area. There you’ll find a building with an open film set. you can’t miss it. (Use the map above if you need help for co-ordinates).

Lonely Lodge – Head to the race track start line with the shopping carts south of Lonely Lodge. It’s the swirling brown marker on the map.

Moisty Mire (x2) – There’s one by the campground and another across from the helicopter crash site on a raised ledge.

Risky Reels – In a building north of Risky Reels

Shifty Shafts – A building just north-west of Shifty Shafts will include a basement with a green wall and a filming set-up.

Tilted Towers – In the soccer field west of Tilted Towers, opposite the scoreboard

Fortnite Dance in Front of Different Cameras: How to Complete the Week 2 Challenge

To complete the week 2 challenge, you need to use a dance emote directly in front of the camera. You only have to do this within seven of the ten cameras, so you can pick and choose which ones you want to dance in front of.

Fortnite Dance in Front of Different Cameras: Challenge Reward

For completing the dance in front of different cameras challenge you’ll receive five Battle Stars as it’s not been designated a ‘hard’ challenge, which would offer you ten Battle Stars as recompense.