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Fortnite Apples: Their Location and What They Do

Fortnite apples have made their way into the game via the 4.2 update. While they may appear to be a minor feature in the grand scheme of the Battle Royale experience, Fortnite apples can play a significant part in getting a player that “Victory Royale.” Read on for the lowdown about the Fortnite apples function and where you can find them in-game.

Fortnite Apples Location

The Fortnite apples are located near certain trees around the map. They are an uncommon drop, but shouldn’t be too rare for those moving through forested areas. A benefit of hunting for these Fortnite apples is that you will likely collect a lot of wood, if you bother to chop down the trees along the way.

Landing near a wooded area is your best bet for finding the Fortnite apples in the early stages of the game. While the fruit can be used effectively at any stage of the match, it’s more likely that they’ll be needed early on, so land somewhere close to trees to secure those apples as soon as possible.

Fortnite Apples: What Do They Do?

Fortnite Apples

Fortnite apples don’t really do all that much when it comes to aiding players in combat. Each apple restores five health, which on its own is pretty useless. However, multiple apples can be used to top health up to that full 100, making for a great combination when paired with bandages.

The new Fortnite apples aren’t going to be game-changing or anything like that. They just help to provide an additional way of healing for players who can’t easily access common floor loot locations. Retreating to a forest when taking damage is now an okay idea, since apples could restore health and get players back into the fight.

Though it may be coincidence, I do find it curious that both Fortnite and PUBG have now both recently added apples to their feature list. Could Fortnite be making a little dig towards their battle royale brother, or is purely coincidental?