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Lightning Tracer Overwatch: Details on the New Anniversary Skin

It’s May, which means the Overwatch anniversary is nearly upon us. Celebrating its second birthday, Blizzard and Activision have seen fit to shower us with gifts, including some brand-new skins for us to coo over. The pick of the bunch, however, is the just-announced Lightning Tracer Overwatch skin. Here’s when it goes live, and how to (potentially) unlock it.

Lightning Tracer Overwatch: What is the New Overwatch Skin?

As revealed on the official Overwatch Twitter account, the Lightning Tracer Overwatch skin is coming to the game next week in time for Overwatch anniversary. Sporting a blonde mohawk and a garish yellow jumpsuit (don’t forget the ‘lightning’ emblazoned down her left leg. Subtlety is dead) to match, it’s a far cry from the Brit’s traditional look.

Lightning Tracer Overwatch: When is the New Skin Coming?

The Overwatch anniversary event is scheduled to start Tuesday, May 22. Last year’s anniversary lasted around three weeks so expect the skin to be available well into June if that’s the case again. There is, however, a chance it is a limited-time only deal for next week May 22-May 27 so get opening those loot boxes! Speaking of which…

Lightning Tracer Overwatch: How Can I Unlock the New Overwatch Skin?

To unlock the Lightning Tracer Overwatch skin you’re going to need two things: luck and moolah. As it’s an Epic skin you’ll have roughly a one-in-five chance of picking up an Epic item while opening a loot box. Of course, that may not be the Lightning Tracer you’re after – so the odds are firmly stacked against you.

As of writing, there is no in-game method to unlocking the Lightning Tracer Overwatch. The only available method to unlock the limited-time only Epic skin is to open up loot boxes from the game’s main menu.