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Fortnite Close Encounters: Start Date, Jetpacks, How to Win the Limited Time Mode

At the risk of sounding about five years old, Fortnite Close Encounters, the new limited time mode that is available now, sounds like the coolest thing ever. Heavy shotguns, jetpacks, and a frenzied, shorter time limit? Sign me up. In fact, there’s so much to take in that you’re gonna need a guide to break it all down. Thankfully, there’s one below: here’s everything you need to know about Fortnite Close Encounters.

UPDATE: As per the official Fortnite Twitter account, Fortnite Close Encounters has been taken down for the foreseeable future.

Fortnite Close Encounters: When Does It Start?

Right now! Close Encounters kicked off on May 25. The nice folks at Epic know that your weekend is full of precious free time, so what better way to spend it than by taking to the skies with your very own shotty?

Unfortunately, like all good things, it must come to an end. Most Fortnite Limited Time Modes are only there for, y’know’ a limited time only (the clue’s in the name, folks) so you can expect it to be gone by May 31st, depending on the popularity of the mode.

Fortnite Close Encounters: How to Win the Limited Time Mode

This one is just your typical battle royale mode. Shoot everything that moves until you’re the only one standing. Of course, with jetpacks and shotguns being exclusively the items used, you’re going to need a quick trigger, as well as utilizing the building mechanic to ensure you stay one step ahead of the competition. As much as it sounds conducive to fun, don’t use the jetpack unless you absolutely have to. There’s a fuel meter for a reason, people.

Fortnite Close Encounters: Where are the Jetpacks?

Pretty much everywhere. Epic has seen to it that Close Encounters will drop shotguns and jetpacks from every single chest, as well as through an onslaught of supply drops. You’ll be falling over yourself finding jetpacks and shotguns at nearly every opportunity.

Fortnite Close Encounters: Quicker Storm Circle

Why did you think it was called Close Encounters? The storm circle closes in at an increased rate in this Limited Time Mode, which means you’ll have to get a move on. Epic predicts that each game, because of the space and time constraints, should only last about 15 minutes – so you can jump into a couple of games whenever you have free time.