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FIFA 18 World Cup Update: Release Date, Is It Free, Download Size

All roads are leading to Russia, which can mean only one thing: the FIFA 18 World Cup update is rapidly approaching. The virtual representation of soccer’s biggest tournament has undergone a lot of changes in recent times, and this year’s integration with Ultimate Team might be its biggest yet. Read on to find out when you can get your hands on the FIFA 18 World Cup update, what features are included and, yes, whether you can play as the good ol’ US of A.

FIFA 18 World Cup Update: Release Date

With the actual World Cup coming our way in June 14, there isn’t long to go so, thankfully, EA have picked the perfect time to get us all pumped by releasing the FIFA 18 World Cup update on all formats on Tuesday, May 29. Expect the patch that enables the add-on to arrive sometime in the early hours, around 8am EST/12pm BST.

FIFA 18 World Cup Update: Is It Free?

Gone are the days of ludicrously expensive tournament add-ons every two-to-four years in our soccer games. PES 2016 gave us a piece of free EURO 2016 DLC and EA are following suit with the FIFA 18 World Cup update being completely free.

FIFA 18 World Cup Update: Download Size

Whether you’re wanting to end over 50 years of hurt for England, or bring Argentina their first World Cup since 1986 with the maestro Lionel Messi, you have to take into account your hard drive and download time. Having said that, the download sizes, as you can see below, shouldn’t take too long to download with a solid broadband connection.

  • PS4: 5.55 GB
  • Xbox One: 5.66 GB
  • PC: 5.6 GB
  • Nintendo Switch: 1.3 GB

FIFA 18 World Cup Update: Features

Shock, horror, I know: the official World Cup tournament – with every single licensed stadium, ball, and kit – is in the game. All 32 teams, from Panama to Peru, are represented but it’s Ultimate Team that has seen the biggest overhaul.

In Ultimate Team this year, the World Cup will serve as a completely separate mode, complete with its own new Icons, brand-new chemistry systems linked to continents, as well as an added bonus of every World Cup pack you buy gaining you an extra pack to open in the vanilla version of Ultimate Team.

FIFA 18 World Cup Update: Can I Play as Italy, USA and Holland?

While Italy, USA and the Dutch national team didn’t make it to Russia, they’re still in the FIFA 18 World Cup update. You can’t play as the teams in the official tournament mode, nor in Ultimate Team but, should you want to rewrite history, you can create a brand-new World Cup with that trio, and 14 other teams who didn’t make it to the World Cup including the likes of Greece and Gareth Bale’s Wales side.