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DrDisRespect Shroud PUBG Skins Unveiled: How Much Are They, End Date

Two of the top personalities in PUBG have teamed up with PUBG Corp. to bring four limited-time skins to the game. DrDisRespect and Shroud, who recently won the PUBG Invitational over on Twitch Rivals, have made the quartet of weapon designs available across two crates on Twitch. Be quick, however, as they aren’t around for long. Here’s how to buy the DrDisrespect and Shroud PUBG Skins, how much they cost, and what weapons they’re available for.

DrDisRespect Shroud PUBG Skins Unveiled: What Are The Skins?

Dr DisRespect Shroud PUBG skins

Each of the Twitch PUBG duo has put their name (not literally, thank God) on two designs apiece. DrDisRespect has the Speed & Momentum skin for the M1416 and KAR98K weapons respectively.

Shroud, meanwhile, also has a KAR98K skin available under the name of Ghosted. That skin is also there for the AKM.

It should go without saying that these are only cosmetic items and do not affect the way each gun performs in any way.

DrDisRespect Shroud PUBG Skins Unveiled: Where do I Buy The Skins?

To buy each skin, you need to head to the Twitch pages of DrDisRespect and Shroud and buy each Twitch Extension crate (DrDisRespected Speed & Momentum Crate and Shroud Ghosted Crate) from June 4 to June 30 which can then be redeemed in PUBG. Yes, you have to buy the skins outside of the game and then redeem them, presumably through a code or linking to your Twitch account, in-game.

DrDisRespect Shroud PUBG Skins Unveiled: How Much Are They?

Each pack of two skins will set you back $9.99. There are two packs/crates in total, one for DrDisRespect (he has a PhD in PUBG, I’m guessing?) and one for Shroud. If you intend on buying both PUBG skins, it will cost you $19.98. Or, if you want to throw some shade on Fortnite, roughly the equivalent of one Legendary Fortnite skin.