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Fortnite Skull Trooper v2: What Is This New Fortnite Skin?

What with skins being all the rage in Fortnite, as the main customization item that allows players to stand out in a sea of “No Skins,” I suppose it’s understandable why the appearance of a “Skull Trooper v2” outfit has the community shouting with excitement. The original Skull Trooper was one of the “OG skins” and is pretty unique. It’s immediately recognizable as a classic Halloween-themed outfit. Unfortunately, it is no longer available for newcomers to unlock and use.

Now it seems like a new Skull Trooper v2 skin has leaked, and it looks even more awesome. Could this be the skin that the community has been waiting for? Or is there something fishy going on? (Spoiler: It’s the latter.)

Fortnite Skull Trooper v2: Is This a New Skin?

No, the Fortnite Skull Trooper v2 skin is not actually an official cosmetic mined from the game files. Though many other skins have been discovered by datamining the latest game builds, uncovering all sorts of upcoming skins, the Skull Trooper v2 is just Fortnite fan art.

@nobel_via on Twitter is the creator of the Skull Trooper v2 skin. The aim was to make the Skull Trooper “a little spookier.”

Give the image a closer look and you’ll see that it isn’t an in-game render. It’s a piece of fan art and nothing more.

Fortnite Skull Trooper v2: Will We Ever Get This Skin In-Game?

It’s possible that Epic Games has seen the community’s hype surrounding this fan art, and they may be inspired to add a Skull Trooper v2 skin to the game. For now, though, there isn’t any official word on a new Skull Trooper skin.