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Overwatch PTR Patch Notes: What has Changed in the June 5 Update?

Blizzard sure know what they’re doing when it comes to Overwatch updates. The latest set of Overwatch PTR Patch Notes for June 5 not only give some brand-new features some breathing room, but also allow completely transformative changes to take place within the game’s ecosystem, whilst keeping it separate from the main game. Pretty clever if you ask me. Read on to find out what’s been changed, including whether your favorite main has got a downgrade, been buffed, or (hopefully) stayed the same.

Overwatch PTR Patch Notes: What has Changed?

While you can read the full list of Overwatch PTR Patch Notes here there are some main changes that need its own spotlight.

Firstly, you can now gain rewards for being a nice player. Novel idea, right? Endorsements allow other users to see if you’ve been a goody-two-shoes on Overwatch and, if you maintain that sort of positive status among the community, you’ll receive “periodic rewards.”

You can now also find your perfect Overwatch team with the Looking for Group tool. Depending on what mode you play, and what role you tend to fill in a squad, you can make sure you find a team that works for you!

Defense and Offense categories have now been re-labelled to the all-encompassing ‘Damage’ category, now the game is leaning towards more of an attacking vibe for all but a handful of Heroes.

Speaking of heroes, Symmetra has been re-adjusted, Doomfist buffed slightly, and Orisa’s ultimate cost has been reduced.

Overwatch PTR Patch Notes: What is PTR?

PTR stands for ‘Public Test Region’, and is an alternative region that Blizzard use to test certain new features (such as the ones you see above!) Only 10,000 users are allowed on the PTR at one time, meaning it’s often the hot ticket around the time of updates. It is only available on PC.