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H1Z1 Xbox One: Is The Battle Royale Coming to Microsoft’s Console?

Despite already counting the likes of PUBG and Fortnite towards their battle royale line-up, Xbox One owners are clamoring for something else: Microsoft to greenlight a H1Z1 Xbox One port. We look at how likely that might be, as well as where certain rumors have come from. Spoiler alert: don’t trust Wikipedia.

H1Z1 Xbox One: Is It Coming to Microsoft’s Console?

To put it bluntly, there are no current plans for Daybreak Game Company to bring H1Z1 to Xbox One after its PS4 and PC releases earlier this year. While you can never say never when it comes to something such at this, and there is no exclusivity deal in place, it appears that H1Z1 Xbox One edition is going to be a pipe dream. That’s despite a 2016 reveal of the game indicating that it would come to Xbox One at some point in the future.

H1Z1 Xbox One: Will it Be Announced at E3 2018?

It’s possible. For sure, stranger things have happened in the City of Angels come June, but there has been nary a whisper or a rumor that we might be seeing just that. Daybreak Game Company are currently putting all their effort into fixing and buffing out all of the game errors and bugs that have cropped up in the battle royale, as well as providing a considerable amount of post-launch support.

H1Z1 Xbox One: Where Have the Rumors Come From?

It’s telling that H1Z1‘s Wikipedia entry comes with seeming confirmation of an Xbox One port at a ‘later date’ that even a cursory Google would suggest that simply isn’t the case. Citation needed, indeed. While an Xbox One version was announced back in 2016, there has been no official word or release window from either developer or publisher. It appears to be a case of crossed wires; a title that was unceremoniously dropped for reasons that are hitherto unknown.

The developers have had the final word [via WindowsCentral]: They are “focused on PS4” for now. Sorry to get your hopes up.

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