Paladins Release Date: When is the Overwatch Competitor Coming to Nintendo Switch?

If you’re hankering for some Overwatchstyle gameplay but only have access to a Nintendo Switch then you’re about to be in luck. The Paladins release date is just around the corner, so it’s time to dust off that bad boy and dive right into Hi-Rez Games’ clone/competitor (depending on your point of view.) You’ll even be able to cross-play with your friends, just not from day one.

Paladins Release Date: When Is It Coming to Switch?

June 12 is the official Paladins release date for the game’s release on Nintendo Switch. Confusingly, that Paladins release date is only for the $30 Founder’s Edition, which includes future Champions DLC. The standard release date is still given the release window of Summer 2018. It’s been a long wait to see the game brought over to Nintendo’s console, with the PS4 and Xbox One Early Access versions releasing back in 2016. Speaking of which…

Paladins Release Date: What Other Platforms Can I Play Paladins On?

Paladins can be played on Xbox One, PS4, PC and Mac. Best of all: it’s completely free on those consoles, as will be the case for the team shooter on Nintendo Switch too. However, the game will, bizarrely, cost $30 for extra content, with a free-to-play version coming later this summer, if you want to wait.

Paladins Release Date: Is It Free-to-play on Switch?

Yes and no. For the first few months from June 12, you’ll only be able to buy the $30 Founder’s Edition, which comes with all Champions included in the game, as well as all future Champions yet to be released. Later in the summer a free Paladins version will be made available on Nintendo Switch, as was the case to begin with on all other consoles.

Paladins Release Date: Can I Cross-Play?

The $30 Founder’s Edition will not let you cross-play straight away. Weirdly, you’re going to have to wait for the free-to-play version of Paladins to also go live before you’ll be able to play with other players on Xbox One. As of writing, Sony has no plans to have cross-play with Switch on Paladins or any other title.