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New Fortnite Starter Pack 2: Is the Wingman Starter Pack Worth It?

The new Fortnite Starter Pack 2 is now available to purchase through the in-game store, appearing as Fortnite Wingman Starter Pack” and priced at $4.99. As we saw with the previous Starter Pack, Epic Games is bundling a neat skin and back bling together with a small amount of V-Bucks. It’s a tempting offer, but is it really worth it? Let’s discuss.

New Fortnite Starter Pack 2: What Do You Get?

The new Fortnite Starter Pack 2 includes 600 V-Bucks, the Fortnite Wingman skin, and the Fortnite Bogey back bling. This is all priced at $4.99.

As skins are all the rage in Fortnite, it’s good to see that Epic Games has included a great-looking design in the bundle. The Wingman skin is black with red accents, meaning users should blend in well when moving through darker areas. Objectively, it’s a useful skin.

New Fortnite Starter Pack

New Fortnite Starter Pack 2: Is It Worth It?

When comparing this Epic skin, back bling, and V-Bucks bundle to the price of the other store offerings, it does seem to be a good deal. 600 V-Bucks would normally cost around $6, so you would already be saving money. On top of that, you get the Fortnite Wingman skin and Bogey back bling. It’s certainly tempting!

However, as this deal will likely be very popular, you can expect to see the Wingman skin popping up everywhere. Also, if you haven’t yet invested any money into the game, this new Starter Pack could be the beginning of bad spending habits. Fortnite skin prices are notoriously expensive, and once you start spending, you might find it difficult to stop!

With all that said, assuming you have good self-control and can budget wisely, I think the new Fortnite Starter Pack 2 is a good deal for what it offers. The Wingman skin might become very common, but it’s black and blends in nicely.