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E3 2018: What’s The Kingdom Hearts 3 Trailer Song?

For those of us who haven’t died of old age, E3 2018’s biggest highlight (despite the wait) was the trio of Kingdom Hearts 3 trailers we were given. If you weren’t blown away by the Pirates of the Caribbean reveal of the Frozen section then you almost certainly 1) Have no soul and 2) Are currently humming the Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer song instead. But who sung it and what’s the song called? If you know your keyblades from your xblades then you might know the answer already, but for the rest of you: here’s everything you need to know about that Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer song.

E3 2018 Kingdom Hearts 3 Trailer Song: What Song is It?

The song in question, which played a key role in the first Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer shown at E3 2018 (y’know, the one where Aqua got Norted) is ‘Don’t Think Twice’. It made its debut during the D23 Expo trailer.

The Japanese version of the Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer song is titled ‘Oath’.

E3 2018 Kingdom Hearts 3 Trailer Song: Who’s The Singer?

Hikaru Utada is the singer who’s probably been stuck in your mind for the past few days. The Japanese star has a storied history with the Kingdom Hearts franchise, and this may yet be her (and Sora’s) swansong, hence the more sombre tone. I’m already welling up.

E3 Kingdom Hearts 3 Trailer Song: Watch the Trailer

You can watch the Pirates of the Caribbean-themed Kingdom Hearts 3 E3 2018 trailer below, as that showcases the full song as opposed to just fragments of the lyrics. It’s a pretty catchy number, too.

E3 2018 Kingdom Hearts 3 Trailer Song: Other Kingdom Hearts Songs

If you want more Hikaru Utada-brand goodness fed into your ears then you should check out both Simple and Clean and Sanctuary, both written by the singer specifically for the Kingdom Hearts series.