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H1Z1 PS4 Update June 14: Full Patch Notes, Downtime

H1Z1 has been ticking along nicely separating itself from the battle royale crowd for some time now. Developers Daybreak Game Company has now seen fit to start patching up most of the annoying flaws from the game, as well adding a bunch of goodies for those who want to pore some of their hard-earned cash into the game. This is everything you need to know about the H1Z1 PS4 update on June 14, including full patch notes.

H1Z1 PS4 Update June 14: Main Changes

As per the H1Z1 official site, the main changes stem from very minor fixes, which most players won’t notice, and rewards, which most players will, I’m sure, be aware of. Three new bundles are available, as well as a special gift for those who have already supported the game by purchasing items via the PlayStation store in the form of a Green Dawn Iron Shotgun.

H1Z1 PS4 Update June 14: NA Server Downtime

If you’re playing from America, the servers will be down pre-patch at 8am PST/11am EST for an unspecified amount of title. Be sure to check official channels for updates on when the servers are back up.

H1Z1 PS4 Update June 14: EU Server Downtime

For those on the other side of the pond, servers go down a little later than their American cousins at 10pm BST/11pm GMT. Pros: You’ve got longer to play. Cons: You’re less likely to get the update first.

H1Z1 PS4 Update June 14: Full Patch Notes

  • Players no longer occasionally spawn and parachute into the extreme edges of the map.
  • Tapping the L1 button now always correctly quick-switches weapons.
  • Players will no longer occasionally be prevented from crouching after exiting a vehicle.
  • Bullets from the M40, CNQ, and MK46 now correctly hit enemies through windows.
  • Fixed a couple of issues where loot could fall inside of walls or through the floors of military tents.
  • Fixed a specific client crash caused by a memory leak.
  • Addressed one connection issue where players might get stuck trying to enter a match.
  • Fixed Kill Feed issues for ignited vehicles, dying to the gas, and falling to your death.
  • Cleaned up the Scout Rifle reload animation when aiming down sights.
  • When a player is killed in a vehicle, their loot bag will eject in a direction based on what seat they were in.
  • Players can now drop Other Ammo without needing to highlight a weapon slot.
  • Bleeding screen effect no longer persists across games after logging out while bleeding.
  • Vehicle HUD no longer incorrectly displays that the vehicle is under EMP effect after the effect has expired.
  • Correct buttons are now displayed when opening the radial menu (weapon or grenade wheel) immediately after exiting a vehicle passenger seat.
  • When pressing R1 to enter throwing stance, the throwable name will no longer display in the HUD.

    Touchpad is now properly identified as “World Map” in Settings.
  • Beige Suit Jackets no longer drop in player loot bags.
  • Fixed several minor text bugs in the UI.


  • All players from any region who made any PlayStation Store purchase and logged in prior to 4PM PDT/11PM GMT on Thursday, June 14 will receive the Green Dawn Riot Shotgun granted directly to their account as our way of saying “thank you!”
  • Players who complete the email opt-in form will now receive 2 Victory Crates once they’ve confirmed their email address. Players who provided and confirmed their email address previously (before this update) will automatically receive 2 Victory Crates as part of this update.
  • A “Message of the Day” window has been added to the main menu to let players know about events and sales.


  • Get your paws (or claws) on the 3 new bundles available for purchase in-game – the Red Dragon Pack, the Neko-chan Pack, and the all-inclusive Beast Complete Bundle! Featuring two new weapon skins, an Offroader skin, and a helmet, these items are purrfect for showing off your wild style. Purchasing any of these Bundles grants you a Crate that guarantees you ALL the items inside.