Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom Achievements List



How to Unlock
A Friendly Game (10)Complete the tutorial.
Adventurer of the Dimension (40)Reach Level 40 with any character.
Ambition and Ability (30)Complete all of Leinhart's story quests.
Awakened Lover (20)Finish the game with Celine.
Beginning of Wisdom (10)Learn an Ability.
Catch Me If You Can (10)Hunt down Loki's head.
Curse of the Developer (200)Reach Level 80 with ALL characters.
Destroying the Age (30)Complete all of Regnier's story quests.
Dueling Is My Life (20)Raise Marguerite's favor to 50%!
End of Cold Love (10)Defeat the Ice Maiden.
End of Frenzy (10)Defeat the Balrog.
End of Mutation (20)Defeat Mutant Curian.
End of Pain (20)Finish the game with Regnier.
End of the Dimension (10)Defeat Encablossa.
Everlasting Love (30)Complete all of Celine's story quests.
Gluttony (20)Pick up all items dropped by a boss.
King of Bloodlust (80)Successfully execute a 20 combo attack with a Bloodlust enhanced weapon!
Lord of the Dimension (80)Reach Level 120 with any character.
Marguerite, My Love (20)Raise Marguerite's favor to 100%
Master Alchemist (40)Synthesize the same piece of equipment 10 times.
Misery Loves Company (20)Have a heartwarming talk with Bertrand.
Origin of Obsession (10)Succeed in Item Synthesis.
Pride and Imprudence (10)Defeat Loki.
Protecting the Age (30)Complete all of Kendal's story quests.
Purpose of the Journey (20)Finish the game with Curian.
Rebuilding the Empire (20)Finish the game with Leinhart.
Stranger to the Dimension (20)Reach Level 10 with any character.
The Fallen Forest (10)Defeat the Forest Guardian.
The Master's Mentor (80)Synthesize the same piece of equipment 20 times.
The Timid Developer (20)Watch all of the starting staff roll AND the ending staff roll credits!
Walter's Keepsake (20)Finish the game with Kendal.
Where Is the Stone Golem? (30)Hunt down a Stone Golem.