connect_timeout.201 Fortnite Error: Playground Mode Delayed

The connect_timeout.201 Fortnite error code is causing headaches for many players out there. This matchmaking error is down to Epic Games intentionally disabling the new Playground limited time mode which was introduced in the recent 4.5 update. After only being available for a few hours, the Playground mode has been pulled, leaving players with the connect_timeout.201 Fortnite error message and nothing more. connect_timeout.201 Fortnite Error

As I’ve mentioned above, the connect_timeout.201 Fortnite error is down to an intentional change made by Epic Games. Announced on Twitter, the developer informed players that the Playground mode is “closed for repairs while [Epic Games] investigate some issues with [its] matchmaking services.”

This came at a pretty terrible time, as players were already restless from the lack of an update yesterday, with Tuesdays being the usual day for new content drops. That wasn’t the case, and players have been hungry for more. The Playground mode has been long-awaited, with many players wanting to host private matched with their friends. Unfortunately, this first iteration of private matches is going to have to wait!

Fortnite Playground Mode Delayed: When Will It Be Back? connect_timeout.201 Fortnite

“When will Fortnite servers be back up?” is a good question, but I’m afraid I don’t have a very good answer. Those suffering from the connect_timeout.201 Fortnite error will have to wait for further details from Epic Games. Helpfully, there’s a dedicated “Status” page for Epic Games’ services, which will let you know when the Fortnite issues have been resolved.

Epic Games has confirmed that it has “identified the current issues and [is] working on a resolution.” Hopefully the fix won’t take too long to implement, as I’m sure a lot of players are eager to try out the new Playground mode!