Box art - NieR: Automata

NieR Automata No Skirt: How to Remove 2B’s Skirt

Games are known for little Easter eggs and tricks that are hidden, and that is exactly what the Nier Automata No Skirt trick is. This nifty hidden feature allows you to play as protagonist android 2B without her signature skirt on. This allows her to walk around only in her thong.

If you didn’t know that was possible, it is. The Nier Automata No Skirt trick is possible on all three platforms – PC, PS4, and now Xbox One – so you will definitely be able to do this. While stuff like this is usually only possible with mods on PC, this trick is built in directly to the game by the developers.

Nier Automata No Skirt: How to Remove 2B’s Skirt

We all know why you’re here so we won’t waste any more time on discussing the glory that is the Nier Automata No Skirt trick. Let’s get started on helping 2B show off those curves. This trick is easily accomplished by simply doing one thing. All you need to do is purposely self-destruct 2B (or 9S if you’re playing as him).

Yes, there really is a self-destruct command that you can execute at any point in the game. Doing this will cause the Nier Automata No Skirt trick. On console, the input for destroying yourself is clicking down on both the left and right analog sticks at the exact same time. This works on both PS4 and the recently released Xbox One version. You can also self-destruct on PC.

Blowing yourself will cause your health to rapidly decrease so be ready to immediately heal yourself. Once your health is back and good, you will notice that the Nier Automata No Skirt has worked and you can see 2B in just her thong. This also works with other playable characters like 9S so feel free to check out his underwear as well.