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Mario Tennis Aces Update 1.1.1 Patch Notes

Mario Tennis Aces has only been out for around a week and it’s already received its second update. Mario Tennis Aces Update 1.1.1 brings with it a few new upgrades. What has changed? What’s hasn’t? How do you download the update? All is revealed below.

Mario Tennis Aces Update 1.1.1: Online Changes

The biggest single change in Mario Tennis Aces is a new online rating system. As in Mario Tennis Open, the “Rating” feature sees players start with 2,000 points. This number will go up and down depending on whether you pick up wins or losses. We’ll be able to see just how good our competitors are. What’s more, if you are disconnected from a match, the score at the time of the disconnect will decide who won, and who lost. If your ranking is a lot higher than your opponent’s your score may not rise upon victory. The new rating system will go live on July 1, 2018.

Mario Tennis Aces Update 1.1.1: Adventure Mode Changes

Mario Tennis Aces Boss

Alongside changes in online rankings, the new Mario Tennis update also brings with it a small number of fixes to the Adventure Mode:

  • “Forest Practice Court: We have adjusted how often the opponent uses Zone Shots.
  • Forest Edge: We have adjusted how quickly the opponent responds to shots.
  • Reflection Room: We have adjusted how much Energy is refilled.
  • Royal Chamber: We have adjusted how much Energy is refilled.”

Mario Tennis Aces Update 1.1.1: What Else Has Changed?

Small balance changes and bugs have also been fixed in the latest update. These are as such:

  • “Online Tournament: We have addressed an issue of settings not aligning with Options settings when starting a match.
  • Online Tournament: We have addressed an issue of the game freezing when pressing certain buttons after there is a communication error.
  • There will be further adjustments to game balance in matches and character performance.”

If the download doesn’t start automatically upon booting up your switch, head over to the Mario Tennis Aces icon, press “+” and choose to check for updates online. The update will then start downloading. Ready to go as soon as it’s finished!

While all these changes are appreciated, fans will be wanting to know when Mario Tennis Aces normal tennis matches will be added. Set numbers and true arena choice are not a part of update 1.1.1. We’re hoping both options are added soon, as to be honest, it’s one of the only things holding Aces back. Mario Tennis Aces is out now on Switch.

Read the patch notes were found on the Nintendo Support website.