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Destiny 2 Weekly Reset Time July 10: What Time Does the Game Reset?

It’s that time again. The Destiny 2 weekly reset is just around the corner and, as ever, there’s a bunch of you asking: when does Destiny 2 reset? The answer for this week, July 10 is below, as is a quick guide to just what the hell a weekly reset is and also why the Agent of the Nine, Xur, is about to go missing from his current location. (Hint: it has something to do with the weekly reset).

Destiny 2 Weekly Reset Time July 10th: When Does Destiny 2 Reset?

This week, July 10, sees the Destiny 2 weekly reset. It happens every Tuesday at the exact same time, so it’s worth making a note of when exactly things are going to change in-game. Here’s this week’s reset time, depending on your location.

  • 10am PST
  • 1pm EDT
  • 6pm BST
  • 7pm CEST

Destiny 2 Weekly Reset Time July 10th: What is a Destiny 2 Reset?

Don’t worry, it’s not as ominous as it sounds. The weekly reset sees brand-new objectives, Strikes and tasks come into the game to keep things fresh. Those who are looking for more challenging Strikes will have Tuesdays marked down, as that’s the time when they enter the game, ready to challenge all but the most battle-hardened of Guardians. Clan XP also doesn’t carry over week-to-week for certain activities, and neither do most Call to Arms Challenges, as they are weekly milestones designed to test players. The biggest, and most noticeable change, however, is that Xur leaves the game.

Destiny 2 Weekly Reset Time July 10th: Where is Xur?

While Xur is currently on Titan, he’s about to pack up his stuff and leave Destiny 2 behind, at least for a couple of days. The Agent of the Nine will return 72 hours later on the Friday at exactly the same time he leaves on the Tuesday, so it’s worth being aware of that. Additionally, Xur will have new Exotics so whatever he’s selling now, on July 10, won’t be available when he returns on July 13, and so on.

Destiny 2 Weekly Reset Time July 3rd: When Does Destiny 2 Reset?

This one’s nice and straightforward. For July 10, the Destiny 2 weekly reset time is as follows:

  • 10am PST
  • 1pm EST
  • 6pm BST

If you’re not on those three time zones, feel free to head on over to the time zone converter to see where you stand in terms of time.

Destiny 2 Weekly Reset Time July 3rd: What is a Destiny 2 Reset?

There’s actually a surprising amount that goes into a Destiny 2 weekly reset. Predominantly, it’s for those who have reached the endgame to go again week after week in search of new exotics and even more challenging Strikes. Everything from Clan XP, to Nightfall Strikes, and weekly milestones such as the Call to Arms Challenges all get refreshed after the weekly reset. There’s also the small matter of a certain Agent of the Nine going bye bye.

Destiny 2 Weekly Reset Time July 3rd: Where is Xur?

This week, Xur is in Nessus. Except, he isn’t for much longer. That’s because the Destiny 2 weekly reset on July 3 has him disappearing until exactly 72 hours later. So, don’t fret if you were trying to find Xur, because he’s not around. Though, if you were looking to buy some of the exotics from him, you’d best be quick. It doesn’t hurt to keep track of the weekly resets in future, too, if you’re running out of time to see the merchant.