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Heavy Rain PS Plus: How to Fix The ‘You Already Own Beyond Two Souls’ Error

So, you’re on a Quantic Dream binge. Detroit: Become Human has been polished off. Heck, you might have even picked up Beyond: Two Souls as part of the May 2018 PS Plus free games. Then, your prayers have been answered: Heavy Rain made its way to PS Plus in July 2018. Except, there’s a problem and, in a twist worthy of David Cage itself, you can’t download Heavy Rain because you already own Beyond: Two Souls. Here’s how to fix that error.

Heavy Rain PS Plus: How to Fix The ‘You Already Own Beyond Two Souls‘ Error

Many users are (and have been) experiencing issues when it comes to downloading Heavy Rain on the PSN Store. They are being met with an error message stating, “You are not able to download this product for the following reason(s): you already own Beyond: Two Souls.”

If you already bought Beyond: Two Souls, a weird glitch is now cropping up, because those two games were also released as a two-in-one bundle on PS4.

To fix this, you can try heading to the PS4 web store page for Heavy Rain and download it from there. You can then access it from the PSN store and start downloading.

Conversely, you can head to the Heavy Rain product page on the PSN store on PS4. You should see that two versions of Heavy Rain are available to download. The top one should give you no issues whatsoever and you’re free to press X to “Jason!” at your own leisure.

Heavy Rain PS Plus: How to Download the July 2018 PS Plus Games

As long as you have an active PS Plus subscription, you can download the July 2018 PS Plus games through the PSN store and heading to ‘PS Plus’ on the sidebar. The first screen (which you should click) will read: ‘Your monthly games for July are ready to download.’