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Fortnite Playground v2: What Are the Playground Mode v2 Changes?

After suffering some critical issues that resulted in the mode being shut down and then delayed, the Fortnite Playground mode finally launched and it’s the best thing ever… Well, aside from the upcoming Fortnite Playground v2 mode, which promises improvements and changes that will make for even more fun. While Epic Games usually keeps its plans under wraps, only revealing features at their imminent release, when it comes to the new Playground v2 mode, the devs have proven very open about the planned changes and improvements. This is perhaps because of the delay of Playground v1 and the resulting disappointment from fans. Regardless, here’s the rundown on what you can expect to see in the Fortnite Playground v2 limited time mode.

Fortnite Playground v2: What Are the Playground Mode v2 Changes?

In Fortnite Playground v2, Epic Games is hoping to give players the ability to choose teams, in groups of 1v1 or 2v2. What’s more, aim assist should also be supported for those using controllers.

To aid in building complex structures, players will be able to edit the other players’ buildings. In addition to this, traps will work properly in Fortnite Playground v2. To help keep track of your teammates, they will now be highlighted on the map.

When Is the Fortnite Playground v2 Release Date?

Fortnite Playground v2

There’s not yet any word on the Fortnite Playground v2 release date. It will take some time for Epic Games to make the planned changes and improvements, and in the meantime, there are other popular game types that need featuring in the limited time mode rotation.

On the plus side, Epic Games has said that it has heard fans’ pleas for the Playground mode to become a permanent game type. When Playground v2 does eventually release, perhaps it will be here to stay. Time will tell, but I’m hopeful!

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