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Is the Fortnite Rocket Launcher OP?

The 1.6 Content Update brought the weapon into Fortnite, but just how good is it, and is the Fortnite rocket launcher OP? We’ll run through the specs of the Fortnite rocket launcher, diving into all the details head-first so you don’t have to.

The Fortnite rocket launcher was first seen as part of the game’s 1.6 content update (it’s an old girl, that’s for sure). There are different variations of the rocket launcher, however, and it is different on each mode. A powerful gun that’s a staple in all shooting games, the rocket launcher can deal some splash damage to its surroundings, harming whatever lies in its impact zone. Rocket launchers have a large range and are great use against enemies and bases.

Fortnite Rocket Launcher Stats

Fortnite rocket launcher

The Battle Royale rocket launcher is a little slower than its Save the World counterpart, and its Epic and Legendary variations are rather different. In Save the World, the rocket launcher is a rare rocket launcher weapon, whereas its Epic version is the Missile Launcher, and its Legendary version is the Bazooka. Battle Royale’s rocket launcher features the same design in Epic and Legendary, but its stats receive a boost.

The stats of the basic Fortnite rocket launcher are impressive. The Rare Fortnite rocket launcher packs a punch. With 110 damage and structure damage of 375, destruction is guaranteed. The Epic and Legendary rocket launchers up the damage to 116 and 121 respectively, whereas the structure damage remains the same no matter your launcher. You’ll only be able to fire one round at a time, however. The reload speed, too, dampens the powerful nature of the rocket launcher. A reload speed of 2.8 seconds awaits with the standard rocket launcher, whilst it is reduced to 2.66 and 2.52 seconds for its Epic and Legendary variants, respectively.

Is the Fortnite Rocket Launcher OP?

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With a 14.3% chance of picking up the Rare rocket launcher from Floor Loot and a 7.1% chance of finding it in Chest Loot, chances are you will come across someone with a rocket launcher. Its slow reload speed and one shot at a time do hold its awesome power back, though. All in all, we’d say that the Fortnite rocket launcher is great for structure destruction, but your aim has to be true to cause serious damage to players!