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Fortnite Kitsune Mask: What is it Teasing for Season 5?

The Fortnite season 5 drip-drip-drip method of teasing continues unabated. This time it’s the Fortnite Kitsune mask drawing the attention of fans around the world. But what is it, and is it possible to buy on the Fortnite store? Read on for a quick guide on one of the coolest hints about the Worlds Collide Event yet.

Fortnite Kitsune Mask: What is it Teasing for Season 5?

Only one thing is straightforward with this, and that’s the fact that Epic has teased Fortnite season 5 again, using the Kitsune mask in the background of a countdown. ‘Piercing’ its eye is now-trademark Fortnite rift. So far, so very ominous. Take a look for yourself:

So, what could it be teasing? The most obvious answer would be the recent mish-mash of items appearing via rifts, including a stagecoach and a wooden anchor, would point towards some sort of timey-wimey crossover between different periods. The Kitsune mask would, then, see a game heading away from a potential Wild West setting and towards a more Far East/Feudal Japan period.

Fortnite Kitsune Mask: What is a Kitsune Mask?

Kitsune, the Japanese word for fox, plays a hugely significant role in Japanese folklore. The Kitsune mask is often used as a performative prop when retelling Japanese myths on stage. It has since gone on to be iconic outside of Japan, with its use in titles such as Tekken and Okami.

Fortnite Kitsune Mask: Can I Buy it on the Fortnite Store?

As of writing, there is no way to buy the Fortnite Kitsune mask as a skin, legendary or otherwise, or as a piece of back bling. That isn’t to discount the chance of it showing up in the near-future, though. Epic’s use of it in the recent tweet (which you can see above) is indicative of a team possibly looking towards that era and period for inspiration, so a wearable Kitsune mask is almost certainly not out of the question.