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Overwatch Endorsement Viewer: How to Track Endorsements in Overwatch

Endorsements, the pat on the back system that rewards good communication and behavior which has recently been introduced to Overwatch, has caused quite the stir lately. Namely because there’s no real way of tracking who has what and what’s needed to move up to the next Endorsement rank. Thankfully, someone’s stepped into the breach and provided an (unofficial) answer: say hello to the Overwatch Endorsement Viewer.

Overwatch Endorsement Viewer: How to Track Endorsements in Overwatch

To track your endorsements in Overwatch you must simply head to, enter your, PSN ID or Xbox Live GamerTag (depending on your platform of choice), hit search and you’ll be whisked away to a page that tallies up your endorsements.

Not only will you see how many endorsements you’ve gained per category, you’ll also see how close you are to ranking up. So, if you’re nearing endorsement rank 5 then there’s a chance you can fake that smile and brush off your niceties for only a little while longer.

Overwatch Endorsement Viewer: Is it Legit?

Overwatch Endorsement Viewer

While it may not be from Blizzard, this third-party system (of which it’s unclear how the info is tallied) isn’t exactly going to bombard you with viruses. It appears legit and the data appears fairly in-line with what one would expect. However, this is merely an unofficial tracker and, if it doesn’t chime with what rewards you eventually end up getting, then the fault lies at neither Blizzard nor the Overwatch endorsement viewer’s door.

Overwatch Endorsement Viewer: What Are Endorsements?

Check out our guide on endorsements in Overwatch to find out more about the game’s newest addition, as well as a more comprehensive breakdown.

All told, though, it’s a new method aimed at encouraging friendly, yet competitive matches online, with Blizzard looking at stamping down on abuse by rewarding the good eggs in the community.