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Sunday Fortnite: Keemstar Tournament New Day and Time

The Fortnite Summer Skirmish may have sent casuals and the competitive scene alike into a frenzy, but it’s had ramifications for a certain popular, moneyspinning tournament. That’s because Friday Fortnitethe Keemstar-sponsored weekly tournament involving some of the biggest names linked with the battle royale phenomenon, has had to switch schedules: say hello to Sunday Fortnite.

Sunday Fortnite: Why is Friday Fortnite Changing Days?

As Keemstar himself revealed on Twitter, Sunday Fortnite has come about because Epic is planning on having big events with a large cash prize on certain Fridays across the summer. While that’s certainly a good thing — you can mark your calendars early knowing that you’re bound to get some Fortnite fun at the end of every working week — it’s resulted in a clash for some competitors wishing to take part in both the Summer Skirmish and Fortnite Friday. Instead of having to choose between one or the other, Keemstar has opted to switch to the Sunday.

Sunday Fortnite: New Start Time

Sunday Fortnite rolls out from July 29 at 10 a.m. PDT/1 p.m. EDT/6 p.m. BST. That means the last-ever set of Fortnite Fridays will take place on July 13 and July 20.

Sunday Fortnite: How to Watch

While the majority of players in Sunday Fortnite will be streaming action on their Twitch channels, the competitors tend to change every single week. To keep tabs on any and all Sunday Fortnite action, your best bet is to go to the UMG Twitch channel where they keep an eye on every single player: winners, losers, best plays, and everything else in-between.