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Octopath Traveler Random Battles: Is There Any Way to Lower the Encounter Rate?

Octopath Traveler is out on Nintendo Switch right now. The throwback JRPG is winning fans over throughout the world thanks to its classic gameplay, beautiful sprite graphics, and solid story. While modern RPGs could learn a lot from what came before, there is one thing that should have stayed in the past. Random battles. Octopath Traveler makes use of random battles, and it can get annoying. The Octopath Traveler random battles encounter rate is rather high. Is there any way to turn off the random battles altogether? If not, is there any way to slow the encounter rate down?

Octopath Traveler Random Battles: Is There Any Way to Turn Octopath Traveler Random Battles Off?

Octopath traveler random battles

Surprisingly, there is a way to completely disable Octopath Traveler random battles. Spoilers lie ahead. After finishing the game, there is a “super boss.” Beating this boss will grant you with an accessory that turns off those pesky random battles. The issue is, this comes after beating the game. There is no way to carry items and experience points over, either, as there is no new game plus in Octopath Traveler.

Octopath Traveler Random Battles: Is There Any Way to Lower the Encounter Rate?

You can lower the random battle encounter rate in Octopath Traveler. The Scholar class eventually gets a Support Skill named “Evasive Maneuvers” which slows down the encounter rate. To unlock the skill, you have to learn at least one skill with Cyrus. Once you have done this, you’ll be able to spend Job Points on unlocking Evasive Maneuvers. Head on over to the Skills section on the main menu, find the Equip Support Skills sub-menu and choose to equip Evasive Maneuvers. Bam. All set. While Evasive Maneuvers doesn’t get rid of random battles completely, it does lower the encounter rate quite a lot.

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