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Halo Wars 2 Season 11 Update: Patch Notes, Cross-Play and Balance Changes

Halo Wars 2 season 11 is upon us. Yes, it’s still a thing, and you might even be surprised at the amount of effort 343 and Creative Assembly are putting into its post-launch content. This time around, there’s an emphasis on making the game 100% cross-play, as well as a series of balance checks, buffs, and nerfs to keep the gameplay finely-tuned. Let’s get on our Warthogs and take a look, shall we?

Halo Wars 2 Season 11 Update: Cross-Play Changes

As of July 18, 343 has announced via Halo Waypoint that Halo Wars 2 is now fully compatible with cross-play on PC. That means 2 v 2 War online is now cross-play, and the non-cross-play 3 v 3 War mode on Xbox One has been shown the door. That’s an exciting step forward for the game, and gives parity to both platforms should 343 want to introduce any more big changes to the RTS.

Halo Wars 2 Season 11 Update: Balance Changes

There’s far too many tiny, intricate balance changes to mention here (see below for the full patch notes) but those who stan the UNSC may be pleased with their changes. Warthogs have gotten a slight DPS and health increase; Kodiaks now have a quicker build time, and Jackrabbits are now more effective in damaging other scouts,

On the Hero side of things, the Arbiter has a reduced cost, down from 350/275 to 300/275. The biggest change, however, is to Serina who 343 are looking to, in their words, ‘help bring her up and help make her more competitive by improving her overall leader powers and helping buff some of her units.’

Halo Wars 2 Season 11 Update: Patch Notes

The full Halo Wars Season 11 patch notes can be found here on Halo Waypoint. Many are so miniscule that you’ll barely notice them unless you’re really paying attention but, still, it just shows the labor of love that Halo Wars 2 is for so many at both Creative Assembly and 343.