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PUBG Ringside Set: How to Unlock the Global Invitational Skins

The PUBG Global Invitational in Berlin starts this week and, to mark the occasion, the developers have set aside some goodies for fans, namely the new PUBG Ringside Set. Here’s the (very) easy method you need to know to unlock it, as well as a look at why some of you may not be seeing the exclusive skin in your inventory just yet.

PUBG Ringside Set: How to Unlock the Global Invitational Skins

To unlock the PUBG Ringside Set, you’re going to want to head over to the official PUBG Twitter account. That’s because they have a survey up which you must fill in, as well as entering your in-game name on PC or Xbox One, and the crates are then gifted to you.

So, what’s in the PUBG Ringside Set? You’ve got three items available for each user that completes the survey:

  • PGI Ringside Hoodie
  • PGI Ringside Trunks
  • PGI Ringside Shoes

However, be warned that the giveaway is likely to end extremely soon. If that’s the case, you will no longer be able to get the PUBG Ringside Set (for now). Your next course of action will have to be, unfortunately, waiting for PUBG to tweet out more survey links.

When Will I Get My PUBG Ringside Set Global Invitational Skins?

As you can see above, the PUBG Ringside Set doesn’t automatically transfer into your inventory in-game. The items will come in a crate across the next few days. Ideally, it’ll all be sewn up before week commencing July 23, so you can wear all the camo you want to your heart’s content!