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Fortnite Birthday Llama: What to Expect From The Fortnite Loot Box

It isn’t just the Fortnite battle royale mode getting in on the game’s big ol’ birthday bash. Save the World is getting its own tasty treat in the form of a Fortnite Birthday Llama, which could prove to be, anniversary event or not, one of the most interesting additions to the game in quite some time.

What is a Fortnite Birthday Llama?

As per the Epic site, a Fortnite Birthday Llama is an item which you will be able to buy using tickets during the week commencing July 23 birthday event. Once cracked open (Note: it is not yet known how many tickets will be needed, nor how to earn them), you will be gifted heroes and weapons from previous Save the World events.

If you’ve played the recent Rocket League birthday event, which required you to earn balloons through playing games to unlock a Golden Egg that would gift you previous items from crates, you’ll be pretty familiar with the concept.

Is the Fortnite Birthday Llama Save The World-Only?

Right now, yes it is – which is a shame. The Fortnite birthday llama has boundless potential as a non-microtransaction loot box through in-game grinding,  so it’s honestly a shame not to see it crop up on the battle royale side of things. Imagine cashing in some tickets and getting your hands on a rare Legendary Skin that’s no longer available? It’s something for Epic to think about, that’s for sure.

What Items Can I Get From The Fortnite Birthday Llama?

All Heroes and weapons from Save the World are fair game. For example, the recent Survive the Storm event, which featured four heroes now unavailable to purchase in-game, can now be unlocked if you get lucky with the Fortnite Birthday Llama when it drops on July 24. The other events the Fortnite Birthday Llama will draw from include:

  • Blockbuster
  • Horde Bash
  • Fortnitemares
  • Fortnite Guide to Holiday Survival
  • Spring It On!
  • Into the Storm
  • Search for Survivors
  • Mutant Storms
  • Survive the Storm
  • Road Trip