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Red Bull Rise Till Dawn Fortnite Tournament: Who Won, Rules, Stream

It appears that Fortnite is going tournament-crazy right about now. The Red Bull Rise Till Dawn Fortnite tournament, which saw 90 Duos teams duke it out from sundown to sunrise on the 99th floor of the Willis Tower in Chicago was just one of a handful of tournaments going on across the weekend. So, let’s take a look at who won and, if you’ve yet to catch up, the best places to stream, as well as an overview of the Ninja-centric rules.

Won Won the Red Bull Rise Till Dawn Fortnite Tournament?

Team Exploit topped the leaderboards, with the pair taking home $1,125 each for their troubles as well as, probably, their weight in Red Bull. They beat the likes of Ninja and his teammate DrLupo to claim the crown a few thousand feet in the air in Chi-Town. As you do.

Red Bull Rise Till Dawn Fortnite Tournament Rules

Unlike tournaments such as the Summer Skirmish series, you were given bonus points for eliminating Ninja or DrLupo. Otherwise, things were very much as standard, with the time limit lasting from sundown at 8:21 p.m. Central to 5:35 a.m. You can view the full, extensive rule-book here.

The winners were the Duo who racked up the most points in that time. How do you get the points? I’m glad you asked:

•  Finish 1st in Game: 10 Points

•  Finish 2nd in Game: 9 Points

•  Finish 3rd in Game: 8 Points

•  Finish 4th in Game: 7 Points

•  Finish 5th in Game: 6 Points

•  Finish 6th in Game: 5 Points

•  Finish 7th in Game: 4 Points

•  Finish 8th in Game: 3 Points

•  Finish 9th in Game: 2 Points

•  Finish 10th in Game: 1 Points

•  Elimination of another individual player: 1 Point

•  Elimination of Ninja: 5 Points

•  Elimination of DrLupo: 5 Points

Watch the Red Bull Rise Till Dawn Fortnite Tournament Stream

Missed out on all nine hours of the Red Bull tourney because of its ungodly hours? I don’t blame you. However, you can watch it all again. Simply head on over to Ninja’s Twitch page for the full tournament, start to finish.