ESA Summer 2018: Full Speedrun Schedule, How to Watch, How to Donate

Need another speedrun fix post-AGDQ? Then you’ll want to look across the pond towards the European cousins and the ESA Summer 2018 event. The marathon event, which runs across eight days, is entering its sixth year and is now more popular than ever. So, if you want to get in on the action, we’ve laid out an overview of the event, the schedule, as well as instructions on how to watch. Feeling generous? There’s even a link to donate.

What is ESA Summer 2018?

ESA Summer 2018 is a speedruning event showcasing some of Europe’s best with the aim of raising as much money as possible for charity. Essentially, it’s Awesome Games Done Quick’s younger brother, but with just as much going on throughout the week.

What is the ESA Summer 2018 Speedrun Schedule?

The full schedule is too numerous to mention here, with dozens of games on the rack and ready to be sped through over the next week. You can see the full ESA Summer 2018 schedule here but note that there are two main streams showing entirely different games, so plan accordingly.

Some of the ridiculous highlights coming your way week commencing July 23 include a 140-minute run of Horizon Zero Dawn on Ultra Hard, a 17-minute Battletoads speedrun and, my personal favorite, a Superhot speedrunning race across 23 minutes.

How to Watch ESA Summer 2018:

For all completed runs you should check out the ESA Marathon Twitch page for its rundown of everything on Stream 1, with all Stream 2 schedules running on the ESA Marathon 2 Twitch page.

How to Donate to ESA Summer 2018:

The ESA Summer 2018 Donation page is your main go-to hub to donate, though a minimum donation of $5 is required. However, should you donate, you’ll be eligible to win plenty of prizes through the weekend so put your hand in your pocket and give generously!