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Gamescom Fortnite Spray: How to Get the Exclusive Gamescom 2018 Fortnite Llama Spray

You lucky, lucky people heading to Gamescom 2018. Not only will you get to see the latest and greatest games, you’ll also have the chance to get your hands (or should that be cans?) on an exclusive Gamescom Fortnite Spray. That’s right: attendees will, according to one prominent leaker, have their very own new Fortnite llama Spray from Gamescom 2018 to take back home with them to use in-game. Make a change from a lousy t-shirt.

Gamescom Fortnite Spray: What is the Leaked Fortnite Spray?

The leaked Gamescom Fortnite Spray comes from Storm Leaks on Twitter who, as the name would suggest, is able to put out an early look at the Gamescom 2018 item. It’s looking pretty fly, too, with a retro-looking llama – complete with ’80s-style shades – rocking a chain and looking every inch the rockstar. While sprays aren’t front-and-centre of the Fortnite experience, you can bet anyone who grabs a hold of this will want to show it off at every available opportunity.

Gamescom Fortnite Spray: How to Get the Exclusive Gamescom 2018 Fortnite Llama Spray

There has been no details yet on how to get the exclusive Gamescom 2018 Fortnite llama Spray, though the release has been backed up by prominent leaking website FortniteINTEL, which adds some credibility to the report.

At a guess, it’s entirely possible that Epic will have a considerable presence at the event, which runs from August 21 through to August 25, and will hand out free codes for anyone who passes their booth on the convention floor. Hall 8.1 will be your destination for that (if you’re quick enough) and, as Epic’s very own Gamescom page will attest, there’s an “extra special Fortnite experience” at the event, which will certainly raise some eyebrows. Oh, and would you look at that: the page’s background is the leaked spray from above. I’m willing to put serious V-Bucks on this being a legit leak…