Madden 19 EA Access Release Date: How to Play The Game Early

It’s that time of year again: football season is upon us. Whether you’re an ecstatic Eagles fan or a gloomy Giants follower, Madden 19 is always high on your list of priorities come August. In fact, this year, it’s releasing sooner than ever before and there’s even a ridiculously early Madden 19 EA Access release date to tide you over before gridiron gets going in September. Here’s how to play the game early.

Can I Play Madden 19 on EA Access?

Yes, you can! In fact, all EA Access users can play Madden 19, no matter how long they’ve been a subscriber or whether they’ve played any previous Madden games or not. Just head to the vault to download the game and you can play it when it goes live.

Madden 19 EA Access Release Date

The Madden 19 EA Access release date is currently Thursday, August 2, though that is subject to change. It is also unknown whether the game goes live at midnight or at another allotted time, but expect the title to be available at some point during the day.

Will the Madden 19 Full Game Be on EA Access?

Unfortunately, that isn’t looking likely. EA has bucked this trend in recent years, from only offering a short six-hour preview of their annual franchises such as FIFA and Madden on EA Access previously to not unlocking the entirety of the game’s content. Madden 18, for example, didn’t include the whole of the inaugural Longshot mode as, predictably, you would have been able to finish it in one preview sitting.

However, there has been no official confirmation from EA. We’ll reach out to them and update this page accordingly should any new information surface.

Can I Play Madden 19 Early on PS4?

EA Access isn’t available on PS4 but you can pre-order the Madden 19 Hall of Fame edition to play the game on Sony’s console three days early on August 7.