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Fortnite Airborne Action: What is the New China LTM?

There’s a new Fortnite LTM now available. What’s that, you haven’t seen it? That’s because Airborne Action, the newest battle royale mode, is bizarrely a China-only affair. However, just in case it does come to the West, here’s everything you need to know to get a head-start on the competition.

What is Fortnite Airborne Action?

Despite its name, it doesn’t appear to have anything to do with glider battles or, really, anything else involving air-based action.

As per Twitter user Sudanym, the LTM comes with a 20-minute time limit, is a Solo game mode only and, weirdest of all, involves five players being awarded a Victory Royale as winners. So, camping might actually be a viable option in Airborne Action. I’m naming no names.

Is Fortnite Airborne Action China-Only?

As of right now, Airborne Action is only available on the Chinese version of Fortnite, which is run separately from the game we all know and love. That’s not to say it’s not coming to the West at some point, but Epic are very much focused on certain aspects of the game here that may not translate as well to China and vice-versa.

When is Airborne Action Coming to Fortnite?

There is no official release date for Airborne Action coming to Fortnite, nor any indication that it’s ever coming to the game. However, these aren’t unsubstantiated rumors. The LTM is currently available in the Chinese region, which means it may be used as a testing ground before getting a full-scale release in the West.

Epic tends to release a new limited time mode every 2-4 weeks and, once Playground V2 has said its goodbyes, this could be the next game mode we’re all obsessed with.