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PUBG 15x Scope Explained: What It Does, How to Get, More

The PUBG 15x Scope is one of the best scopes in the game for players to use. It is a fantastic scope that can be attached to various weapons from shotguns to rifles and more. This makes the scope one of the most versatile and useful in the entire game. As such, it’s no surprise that many players want it.

However, knowing about the PUBG 15x Scope and actually getting it are two very different things. We are going to go over how to find it in a match. In addition, we are going to go over what it does for your weapons. Weirdly enough, there is one odd quirk about this scope that you should know.

PUBG 15x Scope Explained: What It Does

As for what the PUBG 15x Scope does, it’s pretty simple. It adds the ability or enhances the ability to zoom in on foes with the weapon of your choosing. This can make precise shots from mid or long-range easier to take. It’s even one of the best scopes in the entire game.

However, there is one odd thing about the PUBG 15x Scope. The name suggests that it is capable of zooming times 15. But that isn’t actually the case at all. Weirdly enough, it is only capable of zooming in times 12 at the maximum. But it does have variable zooming so you can select how far to zoom in at your leisure.

How to Get PUBG 15x Scope

Since it is so versatile and powerful, there is only really one way to get the PUBG 15x Scope. That method is through air drops. It is the only way you can get it so make sure to look before you leap at any drops you encounter to avoid someone killing you. Also, make sure to pray to RNGesus so that you can get the scope as desired.