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Overwatch All Star Skins: What Are the Overwatch League Cosmetics?

A pair of brand-new cosmetics are coming to Blizzard’s shooter in the form of the just-revealed Overwatch All Star skins. It’s all well and good hearing about it, but what do they actually look like, what heroes will be rocking the Overwatch League Finals tribute and when might we get our hands on them? The answers are a quick scroll away.

What Are The Overwatch All Star Skins?

overwatch all star skins

Announced at the Overwatch League Finals 2018 in New York, the Overwatch All Star skins pay homage to the upcoming All Star weekend, pitting the finest names in the esport across both the Atlantic and Pacific divisions. Atlantic gets a badass red Genji skin on their side of things while Tracer’s ice-cold blue get-up is representative of the Pacific side of things.

You can see both of the skins above but, for my money (and I will be breaking out the ol’ wallet in the hope of getting these bad boys), the Genji design is one of the best new skins in recent months.

Overwatch All Star Skins: What Heroes Have Overwatch League Skins?

Only Tracer and Genji, as of yet, have been given the Overwatch All Star skins treatment, though that isn’t to say there won’t be more on the horizon. With the All Star event still a few weeks away, I wouldn’t put it past Blizzard upping the ante and bringing some more fire and ice to fan-favorite heroes. Gimme my magma Hammond, you cowards.

When Can I Get The Overwatch All Star Skins?

Right now, there is practically no official information on when we can pick up the Overwatch All Star skins, but we can make a few reasonable guesses. The Overwatch All Star event is running across the weekend of August 25 and August 26. A tie-in game event week commencing August 20 filled with special exclusive loot boxes and possible other methods to obtain the skins wouldn’t go amiss, and look incredibly likely. Watch this space.