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How to Watch Fortnite Summer Skirmish Week 4: Streams, Rules, Prizes

It’s hot outside, so why not stay in this weekend? That is, after you’ve sorted out how to watch Fortnite Summer Skirmish Week 4. This week’s ruleset, titled Hold the Throne, is somewhat different to previous weeks so it’ll be worth hunting down not only Epic’s official stream but a handful of player streams, too. Because nothing’s better than watching someone’s face as they win up to $67,500 dollars. No, that’s not a typo.

How to Watch Fortnite Summer Skirmish Week 4: List of Streams and Start Time

As ever, your main hub for the Fortnite Summer Skirmish Week 4 action will be the official Fortnite Twitch stream. Keep that bookmarked, especially as things kick off on August 3 at 2 p.m. Pacific/5 p.m. Eastern/10 p.m. BST.

There are, though, more options, should you wish. The Fortnite Ninja on TwitchYouTube channel will also be streaming the action but, for a more personal touch away from shoutcasters, try out the following three top competitors’ Twitch channels. TSM_Myth is sure to bring the kills and, if you want to take a look at one of the week’s big contenders, check out LiquidChap on Twitch. He finished third in Week 3 and is well in with a shout again.

Fortnite Summer Skirmish Week 4 Rules: Hold the Throne

The rules are a little different this week. In fact, the tournament could, theoretically, be over in two games. That’s because Hold the Throne is a first to eight point system, with the scoring set as follows:

  • Victory Royale: Two points
  • Second or third place: One point
  • Four or more eliminations: One point
  • Most eliminations in a game: One point (and $50,000 bonus).

It remains to be seen how well this week holds up, but full credit to Epic for keeping us on the toes by mixing it up every single week.

Fortnite Summer Skirmish Week 4 Prizes

As well as the elimination bonus shown above, there are standings bonuses for finishing in the top 20. Let’s run them down, and count the cash:

  • #1: $67,500
  • #2: $54,000
  • #3: $45,000
  • #4: $40,500
  • #5: $36,000
  • #6: $31,500
  • #7: $27,000
  • #8: $22,500
  • #9: $20,250
  • #10: $15,750
  • #11-#15: $11,250
  • #16-#20: $6,750