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Are ATKs Back in Fortnite: When Will ATKs and Shopping Carts Return?

Having recently been taken out of the game by Epic, the question on everyone’s lips post-5.2 update remains: “Are ATKs back in Fortnite?” The golf buggies, along with their shopping cart cousins have been notably absent recently, with Epic citing their buggy behavior (pun absolutely intended) as reasons for their removal. But when will they be coming back? Is there even a set return date? We’re actually closer than ever to finding out.

Are ATKs Back in Fortnite?

As of right now, neither ATKs nor shopping carts are back in the game. That means some challenges have been, for now, blocked off and, no matter the mode, you won’t be able to find them in the game. That includes any and all current and future limited-time modes, too.

The ATK and Shopping Cart have had a rocky time of it as of yet, being removed from the game by Epic on more than one occasion. It’s clear that, at times, they cause more trouble than they’re worth to the delicate system on which they’re placed. It may not to be too long before they’re removed from the game completely or replaced by a newer, sleeker model.

When Will ATKs and Shopping Carts Return to Fortnite?

However, there is a glimmer of hope for those hoping to hop onto their vehicles and complete the likes of the Week 4 Challe.nge in the expectation that they’ll unlock the Road Trip skin come Week 7.

One of the Epic team has taken to Reddit to answer a query about a potential ATK return, stating: “We’re going to get ATK’s [sic] and Shopping Carts back as soon as we can. Luckily you’ll have all Season to complete any challenges you have.”

Reading between the lines, it appears that ATKs and Shopping Carts will return before Fortnite Season 6, possibly even more Week 7’s challenges, which kick off on August 23. For now, you’ll have to find some other way to get around the map. I hear the glider’s pretty good…