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Fortnite Heavy Sniper Rifle Gameplay: Does It Shoot Through Walls?

Finally, it’s time to check out some much-anticipated Fortnite heavy sniper rifle gameplay, which showcases the new sniper rifle‘s ability to shoot through walls. The heavy sniper rifle will be useful in taking down fortified positions. Where other rifles are tailored more towards accuracy and popping heads that peek out from cover, this more powerful sniper will quickly take down any cover and allow for a direct shot on the enemy. It looks positively monstrous!

Fortnite Heavy Sniper Rifle Gameplay

The Fortnite heavy sniper rifle gameplay embedded above comes courtesy of FNBRLeaks on Twitter, who has managed to unlock the weapon in-game. They give it a test run in a Private server, meaning we don’t get to see any other players. However, the heavy sniper rifle’s prowess is clearly showcased by the way it takes down any cover in just one shot. Even trees can be destroyed with a single bullet! Nothing appears capable at surviving a shot.

Fortnite Heavy Sniper Rifle Stats

Also spotted in the video is the Fortnite heavy sniper rifle stats. Packing 157 damage, this rifle is no toy. The fire rate, magazine size of one, and lengthy reload time help to balance the gun. By looking at these stats, it’s clear that the heavy sniper rifle’s primary purpose is to take down cover, allowing teammates to quickly follow up with their gunfire. With that said, for those players who boast incredible accuracy with sniper rifles, this heavy variant will grant one-hit kills against all but the most well-shielded foes.

According to FNBRLeaks, the next Fortnite update (possibly 5.3) will add the heavy sniper rifle to the game. Proving credible in the past, this information is likely to be correct. With that said, Epic Games has been known to make last-minute changes, so don’t treat this as absolutely guaranteed.