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Panda Team Leader Fortnite: When is the New Legendary Skin Coming to Fortnite?

Epic’s latest wave of skins, which were leaked by the datamining community, picked up a pretty interesting cosmetic heading to the Fortnite item shop: a new costume in the form of the cuddly, cutesy Panda Team Leader legendary skin. Below we have the expected release date (from leakers, who else?), as well as how many V-Bucks the new skin will cost you, and when it’s going to say adios to the item shop, so get it while you still can!

Panda Team Leader Fortnite Release Date

According to renowned Fortnite leaker FNBRLeaks on Twitter, the Panda (P.A.N.D.A) Team Leader legendary skin will arrive in the game’s Item Shop on August 18. This is after an exploit allowed dataminers to take a peek at what’s just over the horizon in terms of the Fortnite store’s upcoming items. However, that has since been patched, so don’t expect anymore item shop leaks in the near future.

How Much Will the Panda Team Leader Skin Cost?

The Panda Team Leader cosmetic is a legendary skin, which is, sensibly, the highest of all five of Fortnite‘s rarity tiers. That means the skin will set you back a whopping 2,000 V-Bucks, which makes it the joint-most expensive item in the entire game. Best get saving up through Save the World or, if you’re still short of the Fortnite virtual currency, you can top up through the in-game store using real-world money.

When Does the Panda Team Leader Skin Leave the Item Shop?

The Item Shop will reset on August 18 at 5 p.m. PST/8 p.m. EST and on August 19 at 1 a.m. BST in the UK. After that, the Panda Team Leader skin will leave the store and won’t return for quite some time.