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Overwatch Voice Chat Not Working: How to Fix the Static on PS4

Can you hear me? Good. Unfortunately, for some Overwatch players, things aren’t so cut-and-dried. That’s because a recent update has led to the Overwatch voice chat not working, with a great deal of static blaring to and from the headset of anyone who dares to try and speak in a console party setting. While there isn’t a catch-all fix right now, there is a method in which you can at least use to alleviate the ringing in your ears. Trust me, it’s for the best. I SAID IT’S FOR THE BEST.

Overwatch Voice Chat Not Working: What is Causing the Static?

While it’s unclear what exactly is causes the Overwatch voice chat to suddenly go haywire (especially on PS4), there are several pieces of anecdotal evidence that indicate that this isn’t an isolated issue.

Reddit has several people grumbling over the problem, which puts considerable weight into the theory that a recent patch has led to everything going belly-up in terms of voice chat not working on PS4.

Overwatch Voice Chat Not Working: How to Fix The Static on PS4

Thankfully, there is a Blizzard-approved solution. Pause the game and head to “Options”. Once there, scroll along to the “Sound” tab and reduce both your “Voice Chat Volume” and “Voice Chat Mic Volume” considerably. Blizzard has recommended 60, while 50 seems to be a more than happy medium to help stop the static. However, this isn’t an exact science. Adjust to whatever volume you feel is most comfortable for you, though party chat may be unsustainable for a few days. These things happen.

Now, we wait. Expect an Overwatch hotfix, potentially a update, to arrive imminently, especially as this seems to be a problem affecting most of the PS4 community. Blizzard is normally pretty quick at dealing with such issues; I’d be surprised if this wasn’t fixed by August 17, as a conservative estimate.